Retained by County Commission to assist with developing a NACo resolution on proposed changes to the Oil Pollution Act following the BP-Deep Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf.  A resolution drafted with Ms. Battle’s assistance was adopted by the National Association of Counties (NACo) and was included in testimony before Congress on changes needed in the federal response to future oil spills.

Retained by former Governor to provide legal advice on implementation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). This Federal Stimulus provided about $3 billion dollars to the State of Alabama.  As Counsel, Ms. Battle drafted guidance on spending and reporting requirements on stimulus funds issued by the Finance Director to State agencies and institutions (2009 – present).

Retained by former Governor to negotiate $6 million contract for vendor to provide a statewide unified election system as required by the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA).  The State was under a Federal court order to comply with deadlines for updating its election system.   The contract involved the installation of state of the art software and hardware statewide in probate courts and with County registrars.  The contract was negotiated, signed and work completed within the time frame established by the court (2008).

Retained by Alabama Law Institute (ALI) as Counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee (1998-present) and the House Banking and Insurance Committee (2008-2010).  Ms. Battle served as interim Assistant Director of ALI in 2006.  She assisted Director Robert McCurley with publications for sheriffs and probate judges during the medical absence of the Assistant Director. She has also served on many uniform law committees including: Uniform Trust Code, Uniform Landlord Tenant Law, Uniform Election Code, and the Uniform Non Profit Corporation Committee.

Appointed by Federal District Court as a Trustee to Common Benefit Trust in multi-district litigation known as In re: Silicone Gel Breast Implant Products Liability Litigation, MDL 926. This case involves a multi-billion dollar settlement of worldwide litigation involving silicone gel breast implants.  The Trust assists claimants with obtaining their recovery under the settlement.  (2003 – present)

Retained by City Council in litigation against Former Mayor.  The Mayor sued the City Council in a declaratory action in circuit court.  He challenged the City Council’s authority to set salaries for police and fire employees.  Ms. Battle successfully demonstrated on appeal to the Alabama Supreme Court that the City Council is vested with the final authority to set salaries for City employees.  Her practice includes state and local government, corporate and small business clients.

Retained by Birmingham Parking Authority.  Ms. Battle serves as general counsel to the Authority.  She regularly advises the Board and the Director on legal matters and negotiates contracts for parking for downtown developments and businesses.

Retained by Governor George C. Wallace on behalf of consumers on cases before the Alabama Public Service Commission.

Appointed by the Federal District Court as the Plaintiff’s representative to a three member panel ordered in Jordan, et al.  v. Wilson, as part of an interim hiring procedure for the Montgomery Police Department.

Sub-cabinet level appointment by Governor Wallace to head the staff responsible for advocating for consumers in gas, electric and telephone rate cases.  Ms. Battle managed a staff of analysts, economists and CPAs.

Represented Governor Wallace in the complex $356 million dollar rate case involving AT&T divestiture of its local operating company then known as South Central Bell.  Ms. Battle represented the Governor in administrative utility rate hearings and appeals to Alabama Supreme Court.